Freyda Epstein
Nov 30, 1956 - May 17, 2003

Freyda Epstein

Funeral Service

Wednesday, May  21
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church
Charlottesville, VA

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KALW 91.7 FM will present a special tribute to Freyda on
Saturday, June 7
Folk Music and Beyond  (3:00 - 5:00 PM PST)
with guest Paul Reisler from Trapezoid
(the segment with Freyda will probably start at around 4 PM)

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Email JoAnn Mar if you have any thoughts about Freyda
that you would like to have her read on the air.

Memorial Gathering
Saturday, June 14  3:00 PM
at 285 Monroe Drive, Mountain View


Please bring:
- Potluck item and/or beverage
- Chairs or blankets to sit on
- If bring a photo or other memento to display, please be sure to put your name and phone number on the back.

If you would like to speak or perform, and for all other questions or information, please contact
:   Patti Smolian <>   or phone : (510) 215-2785

This will be primarily an outdoor event -- expect warm weather and some direct sunlight.

Photo Album (mainly pics from Cuba)

More photos of Freyda in Cuba

There is a Yahoo Group set up for stories,   recollections, and photos of Freyda.   Follow this link to read the group messages.  To post to the group, send email to:
To contact family members:
Freyda's sister:    Deborah Lakin
 88 East Side Parkway
Newtonville, MA  02458

Freyda's nephew:    Josh Lakin
108 East Brookline St, #4
Boston, MA  02118-2354

Obituary in the May 21 San Francisco Chronicle

Obituary in the May 22 Washington Post

Obituary in the May 19 Charlottesville Daily Progress
Obituary in the  May 22 issue of The Hook